“Between ice-coated, grey-black branches in a densely covered forest, the last shard of piercing light shines through. I witness this immaculate beauty.”

David James, a self-taught painter for more than forty years.

Born in the spring of 1950 on a ranch in West Texas, James spent his formative years as a ranch hand miles from anywhere. His unending passion for art and literature, found from the books he was able to attain, his love of nature. These factors drove him beyond the boundaries of Texas and finally America, reaching out to all the world. Living, traveling throughout, having made his way as a construction worker, a Seven-Eleven employee, a restaurateur, a stock trader, a trader of fine art (most recently a group of paintings by the Canadian artist Rolph Scarlett). He is a writer of memoirs, “Steps,” bits and pieces, hard earned, the story of his life. Yet always, he is a painter, the one thing that has kept him grounded.

His works have sold privately to collectors all over the world, through gallery in Dallas, Houston, Santa Fe, Taos, and Beaver Creek. James’ artistic training stems from a deep appreciation of the works of Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Tamayo, and Cezanne. The literature he appreciates, Lawrence, Steinbeck, Marquez, Joyce, Nabokov, Bulgakov and others. To him, they are the fuel that drives his art, liberates his soul. As too, his interest in music, Nina Simon, Andrea Bocelli, Pavarotti, John Lee Hooker, Charles Aznavour, his love of Jazz and more the classics. He derives his spiritual strength from the East, the Buddhist teachings, the Tao, more to do with the appreciation of the moment, the acceptance of all the peoples of the world at their level with no preconception, believing greatly, the importance of tending one’s own garden before adding greater responsibilities.

Having recently returned from Spain, Ukraine and the ex-Eastern Bloc, including Russia, he now resides in Austin, Texas with his wife Oksana and their young son Anthony.

Mission Statement

Interesting, unusual compositions, bold colors, form and contrast, always ever alerted to the enemy of complacency and doubt. Trying ever to remain upon the path towards the light and at each upward step, I become freer, and the shackles, that shame of my mistakes, they melt away and I become victorious.