The Way of the World

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The Way of the World – Art Print


Because of the turmoil in Ukraine and too, much of the Ex-Eastern Bloc, I felt it necessary to paint my version of what is happening throughout that part of the world. The three major players to me are Putin, Obama and Ukraine’s President Poroshenko, hardly anyone else has stepped up to the plate, or at least at the time of the painting. I took caricatures from artists which I thought portrayed them for what they are. I added one other character, Steven Segal, because somehow he is being shown backing Putin, as if that should make a difference. And this alone, to me shows how truly foolish the mind-set of the world today, rarely do we think at all about anything. In the background I have depicted a new division of what I feel Putin would wish to divide up Ukraine. And too, I have added what I feel he thinks of the other ex-eastern bloc countries, pigs, ready for the slaughter. And to the right of these men and above are carcasses of pigs, countries already carved up. And further to the right, the menacing oversized Bear we call Russia. And I took the words from the Beatles song, “The Walrus” changed them to comply with my thinking. Where Obama is singing, “Waiting at the garden gate” my meaning, that he is safely waiting on the side, not really much of a commitment for all that is happening. Where Poroshenko is singing, “Waiting for the Plan to Run! (Where there is not so much a plan in motion in comparison to the hundreds of people which are dying because of the war). Where Segal is singing, “I am the Egg Man” (Which to me, he is an obvious agitator, a burned out actor trying to get into whatever limelight he can find, thinking perhaps this is his last chance). And then there is Putin who is singing, “I am the Walrus! Coo Coo Kachu” (Of which I think he would like to take back important areas from specific countries which would show he has brought Russia once again into greatness. Where always, he is boastful, a bully.

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