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Minotaur Risen


14”x17” Oil on Paper on Board

At different intervals of my life I would paint more loosely, almost in a comical sense. And after spending time with Anthony my third son who is now six, watching him develop his open, free style, I too began a series of works heavily influenced by him and the lifestyle now our whole family lives. And what I would call my happiest of times.

My new family sees me almost a bull in a china closet, definitely not of their time. where I see my wife more as a maturing Madonna and our son Anthony as a blue child rising. And when I think of freedom still it usually has to do with a tropical environment. And in this work my wife and child are in a lush tropical garden much like what I would think of as Eden, with patterns of contrasting color, shapes that vary greatly, complimentary yet provoking. And I am with them but more of a spiritual sense, more to do with the difference of age on my part, and even so, we are very much together. And so I place myself among the clouds as if having already ascended into heaven. Yet, as you see, we each are at peace in knowing we will always be one, loved and protected.